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Dmitry Gabrilovich

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Centre, USA

Dmitry GabrilovichDmitry Gabrilovich, MD, Ph.D., is currently a Senior Member at the Moffitt Cancer Center in the Immunology Department and is a Professor of Oncologic Sciences and Molecular Medicine at the University of South Florida. He and his co-workers are investigating abnormalities in the function of professional antigen-presenting cells, or dendritic cells (DC). He is one of the pioneers in discovering that murine and human MDSC have a significant role in the suppression of anti-tumor immune responses. His current research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of tumor-associated immunosuppression and on the development of new and effective cancer vaccines. Dr. Gabrilovich has over 25 years of experience, extensive knowledge in this field and has published more than 125 peer-reviewed publications.